Electrical Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Distribution

The supply of energy depends on the conversion of energy from one form -- wind, thermal, solar, electrochemical -- to another -- mechanical, electrical, thermal. Courses in an EaSE specialization of Energy Conversion and Transmission present the theory, technology, and efficiency of these processes. Electricity is generated at fossil, nuclear, or renewable power plants and moves to the user via a power grid with issues involving control, dynamics, and stability.

A. Electric Conversion and Control
ECE     431 (4 hrs)—Electric Machinery
ECE     464 (3 hrs)—Power Electronics
ECE     486 (4 hrs)—Control Systems
ECE     515 (4 hrs)—Control System Theory and Design
ECE     553 ( 4 hrs)—Optimal Control Systems
ECE     568 (4 hrs)—Modeling and Control of Electromechanical Systems

B. Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
ECE     476 (3 hrs)—Power System Analysis
ECE     530 (4 hrs)—Large-Scale System Analysis
ECE     573 (4 hrs)—Power System Control
ECE     576 (4 hrs)—Power System Dynamics
ECE     588 (4 hrs)—Electricity Resource Planning
GE       424 (3 hrs)—State Space Design for Control