Past Track - Energy Conversion and Transmission

The supply of energy depends on the conversion of energy from one form -- wind, thermal, solar, electrochemical -- to another -- mechanical, electrical, thermal. Courses in an EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization of Energy Conversion and Transmission present the theory, technology, and efficiency of these processes. Electricity is generated at fossil, nuclear, or renewable power plants and moves to the user via a power grid with issues involving control, dynamics, and stability.

Two courses from any one of these three sets will satisfy the specialization requirements.

Alternative Resources

ATMS 511: Atmospheric Radiation
NPRE 498 Special Topics qualifies for this specialization when taken for at least 3 credit hours and the topic is Fuel Cell Science and Technology, Wind Power, or another advisor-approved topic
MSE 498 Special Topics qualifies for this specialization when taken for at least 3 credit hours and the topic is Photovoltaic Materials and Devices, or another advisor-approved topic

Electrical Conversion and Control

ECE 431: Electric Machinery
ECE 432: Advanced Electric Machinery
ECE 464: Power Electronics
ECE 568: Model & Cntrl Electromech Syst
ECE 598: ADG Dynamic System Reliability

Thermal Systems

ME 400: Energy Conversion Systems
ME 401: Refrigeration and Cryogenics
ME 402: Design of Thermal Systems
ME 404: Intermediate Thermodynamics
AE 412: Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer
ME 412: Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs
ME 420: Intermediate Heat Transfer
ME 502: Thermal Systems
ME 504: Multiphase Systems & Processes
ME 520: Heat Conduction
ME 521: Convective Heat Transfer
ME 522: Thermal Radiation

Heat Engines

ME 403: Internal Combustion Engines
ME 501: Combustion Fundamentals
ME 503: Design of IC Engines

Nuclear Energy

NPRE 402: Nuclear Power Engineering
NPRE 455: Neutron Diffusion & Transport
NPRE 511: Nuclear Reactor Heat Transfer
NPRE 555: Reactor Theory I

Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution

ECE 476: Power System Analysis
ECE 530: Large-scale System Analysis
ECE 573: Power System Control
ECE 576: Power System Dynm & Stability