Core Lecturers

Illinois lecturers in the EaSE core course, ENG 471 (Seminar) & ENG 571 (Theory and Methods)



George GrossECEEnergy Supply and Demand Worldwide
Steve MarshakGEO/SESEFossil Energy Resources
Don WuebblesATM/IPCCClimate Change: The IPCC Report
Ryan SriverATMClimate Change Modeling
Praveen KumarCEEEnergy-Water Nexus
Ashlynn StillwellCEEEnergy-Water Nexus
Ximing CaiABEWater Distribution and Energy



Paul DebevecPhysics10 different topics in our core course!
Alan HansenABEBiofuels for Transportation
Eric AndersonACES/IBRL*Bioenergy Feedstocks
Hans BlaschekIBRLBioenergy Feedstocks
Kiruba HaranECE / GraingerElectrified Aviation
Phil KreinECE / GraingerElectric Vehicles; The Zero Net ECE Building
Tom OverbyeECE / GraingerSmart Grid
Hao ZhuECESmarter Grid
Bruce FoukeGEO / MicrobiolCO2 Sequestration: Geologic Reservoirs
Rob FinleyISGS*CO2 Sequestration: The Illinois Basin Project
Sallie GreenbergISGSCO2 Sequestration: Communicating Science
Hannes LetaruISGSCO2 Sequestration
Edward MehnertISGSCO2 Sequestration
William RoyNPREGeochemistry of CO2 Sequestration
Angus RockettMatSE / MRLPhotovoltaic and Wind Power
Elif ErtekinMechSEPhotovoltaic Power
John AbelsonMatSE / CSLMaterials and Sustainability
Ty NewwllMechSEZero Net Energy Equinox House
Scott WillenbrockPhysicsZero Net Energy 1920s Home
Brian DealUP / SEDACEnergy Efficient Buildings
Cliff SingerNPRE / Poly SciNuclear Power; Fuel Security
Rizwan UddinNPRENuclear Power
Michael WeissmanPhysicsThermodynamics
Luis RodriguezABESystem Analyses


Pathways: Policy, Economics, Law

Don FullertonFIN/IGPAPolicy Approaches: Carbon Caps
Tatyana DeryuginaFIN/NBERPolicy Tools for Environmental Issues
Jay KesanLAW/ECEPolicy Incentives
Warren LaveyNRESPolicy Incentives for PV Development
Hadi EsfahaniEconEconomics of Energy Markets
Madhu KhannaACES/iSEEEconomics: The Rebound Effect
Amy AndoACEEconomic Optimization Under Uncertainty
Erica MyersACEEconomics: The Energy Efficiency Gap
Jody EndresNRESLaw: Natural Gas and Fracking