Past Track – Biomass Energy Resources

An EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization in Biomass Energy Resources provides students with a perspective of biomass as an energy source as compared to other energy sources. Students can take specialization courses that address the production and processing of biomass into energy as well as analyzing biomass energy systems with respect to their workability and sustainability, with an emphasis on life-cycle analysis and environmental impacts.

Two courses from one of the four sets listed here will satisfy the specialization requirements.


ABE 436: Renewable Energy Systems
ABE 488: Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuels
ABE 498: Special Topics; qualifies for this specialization when taken for at least 3 credit hours and the topic is approved by the advisor. Two approved courses of ABE 498 on different topics may be combined for a specialization area.
CPSC 415: Bioenergy Crops


ACES 409: Bioenergy Systems
ACES 501: Advanced Bioenergy Topics (2 credit hours)
ACES 509: Advanced Bioenergy Systems


CPSC 431: Plants and Global Change
NRES 419: Env and Plant Ecosystems
NRES 439: Env and Sustainable Dev


ACE 435: Global Agribusiness Management
ACE 451: Agric in Intel Dev
ACE 455: Intl Trade in Food and Agr
ECON 500: General Microeconomic Theory
ACE 551: International Food Policy I