Past Track – Energy Markets

The use of energy is intimately tied to energy demand, government regulation and incentives, future projections, and economic competition. An EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization in Energy Markets provides the student with quantitative methods by which a portfolio of energy sources can be optimized.

Two courses from any one of these five sets will satisfy the specialization requirements, except that three courses are required from the Economics Modeling set.

Minimum background for ACE, ECON or FIN courses: The equivalent of ECON 302, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory. “With permission of instructor” signals that a higher level of background is desirable.

Engineering and Markets

GE 498 Special Topics qualifies for this specialization when taken for at least 3 credit hours and the topic is Introduction to Financial Engineering, An Entrepreneurial Approach to Green Engineering, or another advisor-approved topic.
GE 530: Multiattribute Decision Making
ECE 588: Electricity Resource Planning

Economics Modeling

(All three required for a specialization; two needed as a breadth course)

ACE 562: Applied Regression Models I (2 credit hours)
ACE 564: Applied Regression Models II (2 credit hours)
ACE 565: Modeling Dynamic Econ Systems (2 credit hours)


ECON 500: General Microeconomic Theory (register ONLY in “lecture 2 for non-majors,” NOT in lectures 1, M or M1)
ECON 502: Microeconomic Theory I (with permission of instructor)
ECON 507: Econometric Analysis (with permission of instructor)

International Economics

ECON 420: International Economics (limited space–obtain permission from ECON director of undergraduate studies; register ONLY in section GR4, i.e., 4 hours graduate credit)
ECON 520: International Trade Theory (with permission of instructor)
ECON 550: Econ of Development and Growth (with permission of instructor)

Environmental Economics

ACE 411: Environment and Development
ACE 510: Adv Natural Resource Economics (with permission of instructor)
ACE 516/ECON 516: Environmental Economics (with permission of instructor)
FIN 580: Env Regulation of Business (register in section ENV)