Past Track – Energy Safety and Security

An EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization in Energy Safety and Security discusses a broad range of issues that are of paramount to both industry and government.

Two courses from any one of these eight sets will satisfy the specialization requirements.


NPRE 441: Radiation Protection
NPRE 442: Radioactive Waste Management
NPRE 457: Safety Anlys Nucl Reactor Syst
ENVS 469: Environmental Health
ENVS 540: Public Involvement in Res Mgmt
CEE 460: Steel Structures I
CEE 462: Steel Structures II
CEE 575: Fracture and Fatigue


NPRE 480; Energy and Security
NPRE 481: Writing on Technol & Security
NPRE 483: Seminar on Security
CS 438: Communication Networks
CS 465: User Interface Design
CS 565: Human-Computer Interaction
CS 461: Computer Security I
CS 463: Computer Security II