Past Track – Geologic Energy Resources

An EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization in Geologic Energy Resources is concerned with the location and extraction of energy resources and transporting those resources to energy conversion facilities, such as electrical power plants and refineries.

Two courses from any one of these nine sets will satisfy the specialization requirements.

Petroleum Geology

GEOL 540: Petroleum Geology
GEOL 440: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
GEOL 411: Structural Geol and Tectonics


GEOL 560: Physical Geochemistry
GEOL 562: Isotope Geology
GEOL 563: Analytical Geochemistry

Pipeline Flows

TAM 532: Viscous Flow
TAM 435: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

Pipeline Structures

AE 529: Viscoelasticity Theory
TAM 424: Mechanics of Structural Materials
TAM 428: Mechanics of Composites

Pipeline Networks

GEOG 505: Seminar in Physical Geography (taken for at least 3 credit hours)
GEOG 489: Programming for GIS
GEOG 479: Advanced Geog Info Systems

Fluid Resource Extraction

ME 551: Polymer Rheology & Processing
ME 450: Modeling Materials Processing
ME 472: Introduction to Tribology

Geothermal Fluids

GEOL 570: Hydrogeology
GEOL 470: Introduction to Hydrogeology


CEE 581: Earth Dams
CEE 484: Applied Soil Mechanics
CEE 483: Soil Mechanics and Behavior

Surface Water

CEE 550: Hydroclimatology
CEE 450: Surface Hydrology
GEOL 406: Fluvial Geomorphology