Past Track – Sustainable Environmental Systems

An EaSE Graduate Option Program specialization in Sustainable Environmental Systems focuses on environmental sustainability and energy efficient infrastructure design.

Two courses from one of the sets listed here will satisfy the specialization requirements.

Hydrologic Science & Water Resources Engineering

CEE 450: Surface Hydrology
CEE 451: Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CEE 453: Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics
CEE 550: Hydroclimatology
CEE 551: Open Channel Flow
CEE 552: River Basin Management
CEE 555: Mixing in Environmental Flows
ABE 456: Land & Water Resources Engrg
ABE 459: Drainage and Water Management

Water Quality Science and Engineering

CEE 442: Env Eng Principles, Physical
CEE 443: Env Eng Principles, Chemical
CEE 449: Environmental Engineering Lab
CEE 534: Surface Water Quality Modeling

Management, Human Environments

CEE 434: Environmental Systems I
CEE 440: Solid & Hazardous Waste
CEE 535: Environmental Systems II
RST 444: Social Impact Assessment
LA 550: Environ. Impact Assessment
GEOG 466: Environmental Policy

Air Quality and Climate Change

CEE 445: Air Quality Modeling
CEE 446: Air Quality Engineering

Climate Change

ATMS 447: Climate Change Assessment
ATMS 448: Climate and Climate Change


CEE 457: Groundwater
CEE 557: Groundwater Modeling


GEOL 470: Introduction to Hydrogeology
GEOL 570: Hydrogeology


CHEM 460: Green Chemistry (* Chemistry majors only)
CHBE 551: Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis